Every Ending Means….

….a new beginning? But what if that beginning is something you hate the thought of aren’t totally sold on? Enter me and the husband: stuck in a weird in-between of having no clue what we want to do with our lives, but knowing that plan A isn’t even in the running anymore. Which is incredibly awkward when you didn’t have a plan B.

Have you ever realized how next-oriented our culture is? In high school, you’re constantly being asked about college. In college, it’s about your future career. So you’re single… Have any prospects? Got a boyfriend… When will you have a ring? Engaged!….when is the wedding? And how long till you have kids? And….you get the picture. We’re always stuck on what’s next.

The more I’ve been thinking about this, the more I’ve been realizing that almost all of life is an in-between. For example, I’ve been writing this post in-between lunch and going back to work, during my breaks. And in-between getting home and my husband being ready for bed. (Because yes, even with a post this short, it’s taking me several days. I’m new at this, cut me some slack!) Yes, some of life consists of the big moments. I just got married a few months ago and you better believe that that day was one heck of a big moment. And yes, that was a wonderful, wonderful day. But for goodness sake if that was the only day worth enjoying for he next 5 years until the next “big” happens….. You get my point I’m sure.

I believe in choosing joy. Even when the road is rough, your burden is heavy, and you feel like you’re blind-folded. So that’s what this blog is about. Joy- and where I find it, while waiting for the “next big thing”. Because really, in a culture that is so NEXT-oriented, it’s time that we take a stand for the now. I don’t want to spend my time wishing I was somewhere else, and miss out on all of the things that are waiting right in front of me.

So what is your in-between? Maybe you’re just in between classes, or in between jobs, or in between diaper changes, or in between security and the complete unknown. Either way, welcome to the place that we can enjoy the journey together. How do you find joy in your in-betweens?