31 Days of Finding Joy: Pumpkins!

So the last two posts have been the philosophical side of me finding joy. Now we get down to business.


PUMPKINS. Have you heard the Anne of Green Gables quote, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”? Because that is me. Anne is speaking to my heart. I always tell my family how lucky I was to be born in my favorite month. And this year is even better, because I’m actually home! For the last few years I’ve been in flat ol’ Indiana for autumn. I’ve missed the beautiful trees and hills of upstate NY. Although there are many reasons I’d rather be in Indiana, autumn is definitely in favor of me staying here. So beautiful.

ANYWAY, in my household we are on a budget. I’m talking should-I-buy-this-soda-or-not kind of budget. We’re also going through Financial Peace University which is a great way to feel guilty if you do buy that soda. We really are enjoying the class and we’re looking forward to being debt-free, but as we all know discipline’s reward is much nicer than its process. Haha.

My birthday is in a little less than 2 weeks, and we’re having a birthday party—getting some friends together to go to a corn maze and pumpkin-carving. You have no idea how exciting this is to me, lover of fall that I am. This party is actually the entirety of my birthday gift from my huband, because of how important this is to me. We’ve been totaling up the cost and buying things as we go along, spreading out our purchases. Hence why I was SO excited to see pumpkins at HALF the price they usually are at a Tops or Walmart. There was a roadside stand selling them 4/$10, instead of the $5 I’d been seeing them for at the supermarkets. Plus several of them were much bigger. [Insert excited squeal].

Of course, we only had a $10 bill so we HAD to purchase 4. This is one of those stick-your-money-in-the-box, trusting roadside stands. But that’s okay because even though we spent about the same amount of money, clearly this pumpkins were much better—PLUS we got two extras. The day that husband and I went to pick these up, there was terrible construction as they were repaving the road. We couldn’t figure out a way to go down and park, so we decided we’d walk from my mom’s apartment. Tyler is humoring me through all this. We walk down and let me tell you, someone stretched the road out because it suddenly was much longer than it had been a few minutes before when we drove it. We finally got there and I was in my autumn glory. So many pumpkins. And there. It. Was.

The big pumpkin on the left? MY PUMPKIN.

The big pumpkin on the left? MY PUMPKIN.

The perfect pumpkin. It was mine. Not perfect in shape, but orange, and much bigger than one I could get for $5 downtown. Tyler told me not to get it because “Whatever two you choose, you have to carry back.” So…. I chose it. And I think I carried it about 20 feet before Tyler gave in and carried it for me, which is great because I was pretty sure my arms were about to fall off.

Also note the little yellow gourd. I haven’t figured out what it is. But it was free and it ups the fall quality of my porch. 😉

Now look at my front porch!! I feel a surge of joy every time I come in the front door. So worth the $10. What are some simple things in life that make you smile uncontrollably every time you encounter them?

* * *

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