31 Days of Finding Joy: Marathons and Emotions

This weekend was marathon weekend around here, which means a lot of extra busyness at work and a lot of insane traffic. Today was also my day off which meant I completely avoided the first and yet was surrounded by the latter. After sitting on the exit ramp for 25 minutes or so I finally decided to take another route to church. Talk about a fun start to a Sunday. 😉

My mother-in-law was in charge of a water station for the marathon, and since I had the day off i joined the team handing out cups of water! Okay, this is a short post, so let me just break down something for you: I AM EMOTIONAL. I am almost always emotional. Not always in a negative sense, but always emotional. Seriously, there are some days that I know I’m in a good mood because music is making me cry. Does that make sense? No, probably not.

Today, I was standing in front of the water table, arm extended with a cup in hand, listening to the blaring music and letting my fingers slowly go numb in the cold. As I watched the runners come I actually had to stop myself from getting choked up. I know I sound like I’m dramatizing this but it’s true. I don’t know why, but every now and then I get so overwhelmed with inexplicable joy I can’t contain it. It usually comes out in the form of tears.

Have you ever had a moment like that? I know that I’m practically crazy, (My husband would take the word “practically” out of that statement) but surely I’m not the only one who has suddenly been overwhelmed with joy in life’s smallest moments. I’ve learned that these are to be enjoyed, not ignored. Cause yes, I’m emotional, and crazy, and it seems ridiculous… but why not enjoy the moments of joy? Of happiness that’s not really explained but comes from somewhere deep within?

Notice those moments and let them sink in. Learning to love the small moments is one of the ways I find joy in every day. Even if that makes me crazy, I suppose I’m okay with it.

* * *

This post is part of the series 31 Days of Finding Joy. Interested? Find the rest of the series here.

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