31 Days of Finding Joy: Adventure!

This morning was a little rough for me. And by that I mean I forgot about 30% of the things I needed for work at home. By the time I dropped Tyler off, ran back home, booked it back to work so that I could badge in and open the building… eeps. I drank a Mountain Dew at 9 am. Haha. Things have been a bit crazy around here lately, what with moving, job hunting, and… life. So while I was sitting at work today I decided that Tyler and I needed a date night, even if it was short and sweet. After work we ran home, changed our clothes, and made our way up to a nearby nature center to go for a walk!

Excuse the poor color and lighting--dusk was beginning to fall!

Excuse the poor color and lighting–dusk was beginning to fall!

Nature Trail! My love & me :)

It was so nice to be able to simply relax for a little bit. I really enjoy dates with Tyler, especially when we’re out of the house and doing something fun. Even though we were only there for about a half hour, this was an amazing, free, relaxing time! This was a great way to experience joy today!! Tyler even saw a fox! I was bummed that I missed it. 😦


Sometimes, the reason that joy is eluding me is because I’m not taking the time to just slow down. This was such a great way to end our night. Love spending time with this guy, and love just relaxing and letting the life’s worries go for a while! What’s a simple way for you to let go of today’s stress and enjoy some down time for a while? Sometimes slowing down is all it takes to rediscover the joy in your life!


* * *

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