31 Days of Finding Joy: Free my Soul!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that one of the ways I can really tell if I’m in a good mood is that I start to be emotional about every song I listen to. I love music. It speaks to me. I’m not necessarily musically talented, but I love to sing and will harmonize with almost anything I listen to. The last few nights’ posts have been a little more involved, so tonight I decided I’d just share a song that is bringing my soul some serious joy lately. Not kidding, I listen to this and it’s like I can feel my soul bubbling up. Does that sound crazy? Give it a listen!

“Set these broken bones to cast, stitch my wounds with holy sutures. Every saint has got a past, but every sinner has got a future, and only You can free my soul!”

Do you have a song like this? That you just listen and it makes you feel so giddy, and strong, and alive?

* * *

This post is part of a series, “31 Days of Finding Joy.” Interested? Click here.

One thought on “31 Days of Finding Joy: Free my Soul!

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