31 Days of Finding Joy: Feelin’ 22.

Today’s my birthday, so I reserve the right to take a break from posting something real. Tonight, my joy is spending quality time with family. Some things that made today special:

Tyler set the alarm to wake me up this morning to some Taylor Swift jams.

To be honest, I had a rough morning and afternoon… but at one point while we were getting ready this morning, Tyler pulled me to our front window to show me the PERFECT fall landscape, complete with a colorful autumn hill and just enough fog to make everything magical.

I ate a homemade apple muffin for breakfast, which I made last night while FaceTiming with my college roomie, and it was delicious!

IMG_0763 copy

We ate dinner out with my family

We came back to my house and opened presents–eeeks! I think I’m far too lazy tonight to go take pictures of my presents, but maybe at a later time. 😉 I will insert here though, that I’ve reached the time in my life where I am requesting frying pans and garbage cans are on my wish list and I get genuinely excited when they take me seriously. Yes, I got a garbage can for my birthday. ALSO, they made me an apple pie. My favorite. And Tyler got me a 5-year journal and a glass pumpkin. 😀

Tyler and I took this selfie with terrible lighting and reflection. The struggle of glasses:

IMG_0775 copy

And by the way, he’s wonderful. Waking up next to him is an awesome way to start a birthday. Love this man. Now, I’m going to go play some Mario Kart with him before bed.

All in all: wonderful day. So blessed!

* * *

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