31 Days of Finding Joy: A Spot of Kindness

I know that my posts have been a bit short lately, but I want you to know I have a valid excuse. My laptop is being a bit touchy lately so many posts must be written on my iPad. Argh!

Anyway, it’s a bit late tonight but I did want to share a spot of joy with you today. A friend/kind of co-worker of mine who I am just starting to get to know did an act of kindness for me. I wasn’t expecting it and did nothing to deserve it and BOY does that lead to a joyful heart.

I was very hungry this morning after I forgot to eat breakfast or bring anything with me. I didn’t even have anything in my lunch pail other than my main course for lunch. And lunch wasn’t scheduled till 1. Enter new friend here:


AWW. It may not seem like a big deal to you but this little gift made my day. Wow. I hope that I can bring moments of joy to people around me like she did for me today! How can you be a source of joy for those around you this week?

* * *

This post is part of the series 31 Days of Finding Joy. Interested? I encourage you to click here!

One thought on “31 Days of Finding Joy: A Spot of Kindness

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