31 Days of Finding Joy: Silliness.

See this kid?


Don’t let him fool you with his serious face and his beard, beanie, and book (alliteration points). He is ridiculous. He is one of the silliest people I know. Do you have someone in your life who drives you CRAZY but even when they’re annoying you you can’t help but die of laughter? That’s Tyler. He is so ridiculous. He talks to me in weird accents, he makes jokes out of everything that I say… He is generally obnoxious and won’t stop when I ask him to.

I love it.

Seriously, he brings so much crazy into my life. And on the good days, it’s so much fun. On the bad days… It’s so necessary. When I’m down, nothing puts a smile on my face faster than this guy’s antics. I am so blessed to have him.

This is what my joy looks like today. And a lot of days. Loving every minute.

*in other news, Tyler doesn’t know I took this picture. So it should be interesting when he reads this later. Hehehe.

* * *
This post is part of the series 31 Days of Finding Joy. Interested? I encourage you to read the rest!

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