31 Days of Finding Joy: Tyler Takeover

Hello. I almost didn’t write this post. I am feeling absolutely miserable tonight and hoping that I’m not getting sick. 😥

I’ve been laying on the couch since I got home, and Tyler made dinner tonight. (Grilled cheese anyone?) but then Tyler asked me if I’d written my blog yet today and I told him I wasn’t going to and he asked me why not and….. Ta da! Here I am. Lazily holding up my iPad. On the couch. Because I’m close to the end of 31 days and gosh darn it I’m going to make it through. But I’m still way too foggy and sleepy to come up with a real post, so I’m asking Tyler to come up with a list of things that bring him joy. Warning, he’s playing xbox as I ask him, so who knows what kind of answers I’ll get 😉

His words:
1. Waking up next to you
2. Being able to unwind and relax at night, without doing anything specific
3. A good thunderstorm
4. (Insert something I won’t post here) “…can I say that on a blog?” (hahahahaha)
5. A nice hot shower
6. A good movie
7. Ohhhh…. A night out with the girls. (Complete with dumb accent. I told you he’s ridiculous)
8. A good book
9. A home cooked meal
10. Making people laugh

There ya have it, folks. He’s such a stud.

I keep telling myself I don’t HAVE to post everyday for this series… That I can take a day off. But I have serious uncommittment issues people. As in I can never uncommit. Neither of those are a word, but you get the point. Now if you’ll excuse me, my arms are tired.


* * *

This post is part of the series 31 Days of Finding Joy. Interested? Click here!

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