31 Days of Finding Joy: All Good Things….

Well friends, we did it! Made it through all 31 days… and only skipped once! Not bad, not bad. (Side note: while writing this post I keep thinking about Lina Lamont’s speech in the end scene of Singin’ in the Rain: “If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain’t been in vain for nothin’.” HAhaha. Okay, carry on.) I decided that instead of trying to make this a novel post (and by that I mean novel as in a striking idea, not novel as in a book. Although some of my posts could probably almost qualify for book-length.), I would just reflect on these 31 days. This was my first time really blogging! I’d had a blog in the past, but it really was more of a personal diary, hidden in plain site. (HA. Get it. Site.) I accepted The Nester’s 31 day challenge because I know myself—give me a commitment and I can’t back out. The StrengthQuest test calls this responsibility—and it was my 2nd highest ranking strength, right after empathy. So as someone with a strength in responsibility, I feel emotionally bound to my commitments. So let me tell you…

It was hard. Blogging 31 days in a row (almost. Let’s not talk about my skip day.) is hard enough as it is, let alone when you’re continually blogging on the same topic. Part way through, when I was feeling like I didn’t want to do it anymore but too guilty to admit it, I relieved some guilt by reading this by Myquillyn, this by Emily, and this by Paula. Okay, so even the seasoned bloggers feel this way sometimes. 31 Days of one topic is hard, people. BUT, what better of a topic to choose than joy? If you’re going to be continually talking about one thing all month long, you might as well choose something that pretty much forces you to be focused on the positive aspect of life. Also, shout out to my husband and family for encouraging me and making me feel a little less insecure about this whole thing. So to sum it all up…

Here are the 5 most popular posts from the month as of 10/31/14, not counting the first post which people went to simply to find the list of the rest:

  1. Dinner is Served
  2. No More Waiting for Perfection
  3. Traffic Jams and Groceries
  4. Loss.
  5. …In a Negative Atmosphere
  6. (Because it was tied with #5) Pumpkins!

Also, here are the posts that took the most, emotionally, for me to write. Some things are easier to talk about than others, folks. In no particular order:

  1. Overdependence (I couldn’t even write an intro to this when I posted it on Facebook. I felt like I was bearing a lot of soul here.)
  2. This Isn’t What I Signed Up For (I made Tyler read this pre-posting. I didn’t know if I should really share that much. This one was hard because it’s right now.)
  3. Loss. (Because I felt inadequate to talk about it.)

I say all of that because, goodness have I grown during this series! Plus I’ve found out how much I love stalking other people’s blogs and digging up gems. So don’t worry, you’re not getting rid of me anytime soon. I have a lot of other things I want to talk about that I couldn’t figure out how to work into a series about joy. BUT. Now that I am no longer emotionally bound, you can bet this is not going to be a daily occurrence anymore.

Now go and find joy. Find it in Jesus, and see how He brings it into your everyday circumstances. And then take that knowledge, that overwhelming, bubbling joy that you simply cannot contain, and share it. Be the light of Christ’s joy to those around you.

* * *

This post is the last installment in a series called 31 Days of Finding Joy. Interested? Click here for a full list of posts!

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