Hello Again! And a “REMNANTS” Book Review :)

Hello again, my friends! It’s been too long. I’ve tried to write several times, but my laptop is currently out of commission and has decided to freeze every. time. I turn it on. I’ve gotten halfway through a post several times before it deletes the whole thing and acts like it never happened. Thanks a lot, laptop. My mom is currently loaning us her laptop because she’s a doll and knows how difficult it is to job-hunt without a computer!

ANYWAY, lots has happened since we’ve last spoke. But the biggest thing right now is that I won a contest. I never win contests, people! This is a huge deal! I won a contest on Lisa T. Bergren’s author site, and two days ago this beautiful package was on my doorstep.


What’s in the package, you ask?

IMG_0901Be still my beating heart. 20. Autographed. Books.



What beauties. And I haven’t read a single one of them before.

As I said, I didn’t get these until 2 days ago, and I was obviously faced with an instant dilemma: WHICH ONE FIRST.

I decided on REMNANTS: Season of Wonder, which you see in the top left of the picture here. This was one of the two books in the box by Lisa T. Bergren, and since she was the one who hosted the contest, I thought it only fitting! Now I had never read Lisa T. Bergren’s work, and this book isn’t necessarily the kind of book I usually read. But it’s the kind of book that Tyler loves, and I’ve gotten more and more interested in them recently, since we now have a shared bookshelf. So here’s a little bit of info for you, and my opinion on the book (by the way, I just finished it tonight. 2 days, 400+ pages, and a satisfied book lover.)

First, I noticed that this book was classified as Young Adult fiction, (teens and their moms), but I didn’t necessarily take that as a negative thing, even though I no longer fall into the teen category. I’m still a young adult, after all. So I read. And can I tell you? I. LOVED. IT. Every minute of it.

This book is action-packed and left me hanging from one chapter to the next, hungry for more. One of my biggest annoyances in books, tv shows, or movies, are when the creator caters too much to the audience–when they explain every little detail, and leave nothing to the reader’s (or watcher’s, in the case of tv & movies) imagination. I feel like this belittles the reader, downplays his or her intelligence. I like to read between the lines a little, understand things that aren’t completely spelled out, find things out in time along with the characters. This book was really good at that–I didn’t feel talked down to in any way.

Funny moments: I had a few LOTR flashbacks, especially when a character comments something along the lines of “You can’t simply walk into Pacifica”. Also, Vidar brought much-needed humor into intense moments, with a dry sense of humor and sarcastic remarks that made me giggle out loud. I get really “in” to my books. 😉

Intense moments: There was quite a bit of swordfighting and battle scenes, plus the spiritual realm was extremely prevalent. I got really swept up into it, but without getting grossed out by gore or too scared to be alone. This has happened in the past, haha.

Romantic moments: This book could not be classified as a romance, but there was some laced throughout. Not overpowering, though. I don’t like it when a book feels like it’s pulling back and forth between the main plot and a side romance. This didn’t feel that way. It was perfectly woven in and felt natural, like it would in real life, instead of feeling forced.

Favorite part: I simply love a book that I can’t put down. I felt swept up into this world and connected with most of the characters. There was only one or two of the main characters that I didn’t get connected to, but for the most part I was all in. This is common for me anyway, but it’s less common that I get extremely connected to both the characters and the plot.

Least-Favorite part: The next book in the series… hasn’t been released yet. Ahhhh! Seriously, this is my biggest issue with the book. The fact that I loved it so much and now I have to hit “pause” until the next one comes out. I’m so impatient!

Final words: In the front of my book, Bergren wrote, “For Alexandra–a Remnant, with her own gifting to share with the world!” Now, I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but I have to share this because this is what made the book most meaningful to me. Several of the main characters in this book, the Remnants, all have a “high gift”, from the Maker, who is representative of God. The main character’s high gift? Empathy. Now, if you know me at all, you’ll know that as soon as I read that, I knew I was going to love this book. When I took the StrengthFinder quiz, my top strength was empathy. I know the burden and the joy of this gift oh so well. The author’s note meant a lot more when I realized that Andriana (the empathetic main character) and I were a lot alike. Throughout the book, some of the ways that Andriana would think or speak sounded so much like me. It was weird. I loved it.

To put it bluntly: I can’t wait for the next installment in this series. And I’ve already passed this book onto Tyler, so that he can read it and I’ll have someone to talk about it with. 😉 You won’t regret this read!

I am so excited to read the rest of the books I won in this contest. I’m sure this is just the start of the treasures I have to uncover!

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