Better than Fiction

Today, it’s (one of my) sister’s birthday! Which warranted story time, of course. Have you ever had a moment that was so bizarre, you had to take a moment and ask yourself if this is for real or if you’ve somehow ended up a comedy flick? This story is about one of those moments.

I’ve been daydreaming recently about vacations, both in the past and in the future—in case you couldn’t tell by my last post when I rambled about my honeymoon (and that was the short version—I could go on and on about that cabin). Today I’ve been thinking about a particular vacation I took with my sister, several years ago.

My sister Cadi and I, for many years, would go on a vacation in the summer. Nothing huge, usually. And in fact I don’t even remember which year this was. Or where we were. I think we might have been somewhere in Virginia. So obviously this memory is still in tact. 😉 However, I do remember one particular night quite well. We were staying at a KOA campground, which are all family owned and operated. They’re kind of fun, actually, because they’re a nice combination of high standards and a homey feel. We were tent camping, in order to save money on lodging. Which is great, except this particular night, it was thunderstorming. (And in case you were wondering, I hate thunderstorms. With a passion. I like to blame it on genetics, because my maternal grandmother is a lightning magnet and she passed her reasonable fear and hatred on to me.)

It was still pretty early in the evening but we didn’t have plans, and we didn’t really want to be in the tent during the storm. So we went over to the rec room and played ping pong, which by the way we are both terrible at. We checked the campground schedule (because there were always activities going on) and saw that they’d be playing bingo in the pavilion that evening. Being bingo people (although generally at a hall or casino, not at a campground) we of course joined the fun. And by joined the fun, I mean joined two other people: one other guest, and the bingo caller, who was probably about 12. We played for candy.

Are you with me here? Cadi and I are at a campground, playing bingo with 1 or 2 other people at most, for candy. Meanwhile, the storm picks up and decides to start dumping HAIL on the pavilion. Also, that night was karaoke night and the karaoke guy was testing all of the equipment and playing the music—loudly. ALSO, have I mentioned that the pavilion had a tin roof?

We are sitting under a tin roof, in a hail storm, playing candy bingo with a 12 year old caller, who is desperately trying to yell “B-5!” over the sound of a hail storm hitting a tin roof and a karaoke man playing “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” at full volume.

I’m telling you, this stuff is better than fiction.

So, happy birthday Cadi. May the candy bingo games always be in your favor.

Happy birthday, Cadi!

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