Humility is a difficult virtue. By its nature, it is un-attention seeking, so you may not even be able to to put your finger on it when you witness it. It’s a hard thing to strive for, as it is not self-serving. It’s laying your best interest down, saying “How high can You be? How low can I go?”. Not putting yourself down, but realizing your true place. Realizing you’re not on a pedestal, even if you’ve been trying to climb on top of one.

I have recently witnessed a couple of fairly well-known individuals give off a listing of achievements to a large crowd. A list of countries their music is in. A subtle reminder that they are one of the most awesome people you could work for. The latest book written or award received. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being proud of your accomplishments, but something struck me and I felt a question in my spirit: am I walking in true humility or am I still walking in a pride caused by insecurity? Am I really counting my blessings, or have I perfected the art of the humblebrag?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally fine (even encourageable!) to count your blessings, and to talk about God’s goodness. But is my motive¬†really to talk about God’s goodness, or is it to tell you how great I am & how great my life is… and then attach God’s name to it to disguise my pride with being #blessed? (As a side note, the commandment “don’t use God’s name in vain” doesn’t only mean “don’t say ‘OMG'”. It means, don’t attach God’s name to something you shouldn’t attach it to. This means that using God’s name like it’s an approval stamp for your pride or insecurity is a no-go.)

God has looked at us, in our sin, in our unworthiness, in our darkness, and declared us worthy. clean. carriers of the Light. Not because of something we have done, but because the blood of Jesus covers us. It covers us. It covers our wounds, our holes, our inabilities. Since it is Christ in us who shines, humility should be our default. We are merely clay pots, holding a treasure.

Humility is a virtue that by its very nature doesn’t scream “Here I am! Being virtuous!”, and yet it’s also magnetic. There’s something that draws you to the humble soul–possibly because you end up feeling so good about yourself around them. You’re not feeling put down in any way, or as if you’re not good enough. They’re not one-upping your stories, they’re not patronizing you, they’re not making you feel unworthy. A humble person isn’t seeking recognition, because they are content. They’re willing to share the credit, because they’re not drowning in insecurity. They aren’t worried about trying to prove themselves, because they know that they’ve already been pronounced worthy by the only One who matters. I don’t know about you, but these are the kind of people I’d like to surround myself with. This is the kind of person I want to be.