31 Days is back!

A year ago, I started getting serious about this blog by participating in the write 31 days challenge! I have obviously not been all that dedicated about keeping serious about the blog, since my last post was 4 months ago… oops. More to come on that later, though. I’m here to say that I will once again be participating in Write 31 Days, but this time with a slightly less graceful topic. For the month of October, this blog will be a place for me to focus on getting my life in order. Welcome to 31 Days of Getting My Crap Together! That’s right, folks. It’s time to get serious.

Business man Shang is ready to make an organized man out of you.

Please feel free to join in and read along with me!

Disclaimer: this is really more of self-instruction than anything else. I don’t yet have said crap together, so please don’t take this as an instruction booklet. So often we try to wait until we’ve come out on top before we talk about our struggles, but real vulnerability and strength and lessons come in the journey! Plus you know what they say…self-talk: it helps! 😉

Possible signs you need to get your crap together:

  • You can never find any clean socks…or your keys…or your work badge
  • You are consistently late or just barely on time for work
  • Your floor is covered in laundry
  • You can’t keep your schedule straight
  • You feel like you never get enough time to take care of yourself
  • You lose bills before they get paid
  • You’re exhausted 99% of the time
  • You’re in debt up to your eyeballs and it feels like you will be forever
  • You have dreams that you feel like you will never accomplish simply because they feel so far away from right now
  • You didn’t write this blog or make the icon for your series until late the night before posting… oops.

The sad truth is all of these points relate on some level to my life, in case you didn’t figure that out. I am ready to gain some more control and feel like my life is in order again! So here we go, people. Time to get it together. 🙂 For last year’s series, 31 Days of Finding Joy, click here. For this year’s series, continue to check back every day right here, and I will continue to update it as we go along!

Day 1: You’re looking at it. What, the intro wasn’t enough for you?!

Day 2: Prioritize!

Day 3: The One Where We Plan Things.

Day 4: Home: I.R.L.

Day 5: Our Finances–An Honest Look

Day 6: Finances Part Two: Some Helpful Hints

Day 7: Okay, But Where Is It?

Day 8: Because tonight, we sleep!

Day 9: The Art of the Single-Task

Day 10: Learning how to Rest

Day 11: Is it too Late?

Day 13: Can I get a Grace Card?

Day 14: 10… Second… Tidy!!!

Day 15: I Put the Pro in Procrastination

Day 19: People > Things

Day 20: The Method to my Madness

Day 21: Laundry: A Terrifyingly Realistic Photo Essay

Day 23: My Groceries and Me

31 Days!


23 thoughts on “31 Days is back!

    • I hear ya! If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I feel like I’m always working on finances. Right when I think it’s all in order I get the notice that I’m about to lose coverage because I forgot about a bill… oops.


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