The One Where We Plan Things

Step with me for a moment into an alternate universe, one where I’m writing this post all about my new planner and how much I love it. I’m telling you how great my life is right now because I’m so organized, and I’m no longer forgetting my schedule, and it’s all color coded and pretty and aren’t I so great because I remembered to order it in time to share it with you during this series.

Isn’t that wonderful? Now let’s not talk about the fact that I actually just ordered it yesterday, and it won’t be here until next week… oops. (Update: It’s here now! Check it out!) But the GOOD news is, I finally ordered my planner!!!! *insert heart-eyed smiley face here*. I actually ordered a 2015 one because I could get it for $1 + shipping, and since I can be a little flakey sometimes, this is a great way to test if I’m going to be non-committal. Let me tell you about the planner I ordered, friends.

In college my planner was my lifeline—particularly junior year when I worked two part-time jobs, one of which was the management of a small on-campus business and the other one’s schedule rotated weekly. Everything needed written down. Even if it was just a reslife activity or socializing, it went in the planner. I cannot tell you how well this worked for me! And then a year and a half ago I graduated and sadly kissed my planer goodbye… because grown-ups don’t use planners, right? WRONG. I was so, so wrong. Because one of my jobs has an unpredictable schedule, I need to write it on my calendar. And with Tyler’s wacky night shift schedule, I try and keep that written down as well. Add in meetings, social engagements, birthdays, church groups, and bills, and your calendar starts looking… well….


Yikes. Please don’t tell anyone I put that on the internet for everyone to see. Literally every time someone comes over and sees it hanging on my wall they’d say, “Oh my goodness you are SO BUSY!” Great, just what I want—my crazy life medallion hanging on the wall for all to see. I don’t even think we’re necessarily all that busy, we just have conflicting schedules and a lot of colorful pens. In case you were wondering, it’s not color-coded—just messy. It was time for my calendar to get simplified, and for me to be able to keep better track of my schedule.

Frugal me wants to just pop into Walmart and get a $10 planner that will do the job, but the reality of a household that works on weekends is that the standard planner set up just doesn’t work. I need a full day’s worth of space on my Saturday, thank you, not just a little blurb in the corner. Cue Facebook. After a quick poll of my friends and sorting through a couple of different options, I settled on the Passion Planner. I already know I like it because although the version I would usually purchase is $25, you can actually download the weekly template for free. Yes you heard right, FREE! I am impressed. (Just so you know, this is my genuine opinion. Passion Planner doesn’t even send people planners in exchange for reviews, although that would have been nice!) Hypothetically you could print off an entire year’s worth of weekly planner pages, put them in a binder and be good to go. I did actually download a couple of week’s worth to try it out, but since I don’t have a working printer at the moment I didn’t want to go through the hassle of using someone else’s printer for an entire year’s worth of weeks. Plus the binder option just seemed like it’d be too bulky and a nuisance to me personally. But it’s still a great option for people who are more dedicated to their frugality than I am, or to people who want to just try it!

But seriously, folks. I recommend you check it out. If the $10 Walmart planner works for you, then by all means get one. But no matter the price tag I would definitely suggest that you make the purchase today and start keeping track of your life. If you know there’s a science fair coming up, write it in. A bill that needs paid, write it in. Work schedule, birthday, soccer practice, write that dang thing in! It will seriously take such a load off of your mind to have it written down. I find that when I don’t write down all of those things, then either A) I forget about them and run the danger of overbooking myself, B) They drive me crazy thinking about them constantly because I’m worried I will forget about them, or C) Both. Not one of these is a pleasant scenario. You will sleep so much better if you’re not waking up every hour reminding yourself that you have to do x, y, & z tomorrow. You can get all pretty and color-coordinated like the people who are planner fanatics, or you can just grab a cheapo pen and scribble it in. It doesn’t actually matter, just write it down!

Do yourself a favor and make an investment in a planner. Alternate universe me wants you to know how much of a difference it has made in my life. And actual real me anxiously awaits its arrival. Trust me, this is an investment that is completely worth it!

* * *

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31 Days!

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