Home: I.R.L.

Sometimes you’re too busy dealing with your actual crap to write a blog about it. So technically, since it’s 1:15 am, it’s Monday. But since I haven’t gone to bed yet I am claiming that today is still Sunday and that this is my post and all is right with the world!

This is the IRL (in real life) version of my home right now. My mom came over tonight to help me clean out our spare bedroom, which is pretty much my personal version of a storage unit.


In the interest of transparency I share these photos. And just so you know… these are not ‘before’ pictures. This is the ‘after’–well, at least as much ‘after’ as it gets tonight. Still a lot of work to do. I know that you have plenty of reason to judge right now–but remember that you probably have a garage or shed or better organizational tendencies than I do!IMG_2104

We really have no need for this room other than to house all of our extras, but I am trying to work through every room and get rid of things that I no longer need or want. This room will probably always be storage, but I’d like it to be storing things we will actually use in the future, not odds and ends we don’t even want. The rest of the house really does look a lot better than this, and this door is always closed to this room. But it’s there, taunting me. It knows I know about it. And now is the time! This room will always be storage, it will probably never be free and clear for recreational activities. But I’m ready for it to be usable.

So the next time you have some free time, get started. Find your trouble area and attack. You don’t need to finish the whole thing from start to finish in one day. Choose one area and work on it. Even if you barely make a dent and end up sitting on the couch in your living room, watching a dvd of your wedding… at least you made progress. You will feel productive and the thing about it is that it gets you started. Once you start moving, it’s easier to keep moving. The first step is always a battle, but it really does get easier!


The rest of this series can be found right here! 31 Days of Getting my Crap Together!

31 Days!

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