Okay, but where is it?

I literally lose everything. Granted I generally find it eventually… no, scratch that, Tyler usually finds it eventually.

I try to be super responsible. I try to fulfill all expectations of me, I really try to be on time (although that’s been a struggle lately too), and if I don’t follow through on something I feel terrible. BUT WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!

For pete’s sake, I can never find  anything. In the last 24 hours I’ve lost (and then found, or Tyler has found) 2 different sets of keys, my phone, my ipad, a roll of wrapping paper, my phone again, my cash envelopes, a box of baking soda, a couple of receipts that I wanted, and I currently am looking for my Roku remote. And tomorrow morning I’ll probably be on a hunt to find my work uniform and badge. **insert groan of frustration here**

I have tried and tried to fix this. I have done everything I’m supposed to do. I come up with specific places, I try to put them back where I’ve found them… no. luck. In college I was constantly losing my ID. Before that, there was an endless list of things that I would call my mom and ask her if she knew where they were.

It’s even worse right now because most mornings I am alone in the house as I prepare for work, and so I’m rushing around till the very last minute, frantically trying to find everything I need and get out the door with it all. I usually have to run back in the house because I forgot something.

UGH. Does anyone have a way for me to fix this?! I am at my wit’s end here! And I’m sure that Tyler could do without me constantly enlisting his help. And for real, I just wanted to watch Netflix tonight! WHERE is that Roku remote?!


This post is part of the series 31 Days of Getting my Crap Together! Read the rest right here!

31 Days!

4 thoughts on “Okay, but where is it?

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  3. When you find the solution to the “where is it” question… please share!
    I’ve spent half my life looking, if not for myself, for my kids or spouse… now I’m alone (my husband passed away) and I feel totally hopeless, I can’t keep track of anything… no matter how hard I try!
    Best of luck!
    I’m glad I found your blog! lol!


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