10… Second… Tidy!!!!

While most little kids were singing along with a big purple dinosaur’s clean up song, I was shouting along with Lunette the clown, “10… SECOND… TIDY!!!!” Followed by making fast-motion noises and running around the room cleaning up in super-speedy mode!

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Life is feeling out of control and I really need to learn to say ‘no’ to new commitments. Ugh. Anyway, before bed tonight I decided that I needed to have one thing under control. My house feels cluttered and disorganized and I needed at least one sane place that might not be perfect but would at least be calm.

Enter ‘before’ shots of the living room…

image1 (1) image2

Tonight, I was too tired to fix the entire house. So I set a timer for 15 minutes and got to work! The room really wasn’t even all that messy, but as a general rule I wouldn’t do anything about it on a night like tonight. I was tired, I’m worn out… and yet 15 minutes later, I had this:

image3 image4

Seriously? Then why don’t I just take the 15 minutes every night? I just wish I could stuff everything in the couch cushions like Lunette does. 


This post is part of a series, 31 Days of Getting My Crap Together!

31 Days!


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