People > Things

If you’re following along, you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent the last few days.

I don’t really even have an excuse for you, except that I’ve been spending quality moments with some of my favorite people.

our godchildren. aren't the the cutest?!

our godchildren. aren’t they the cutest?!

Since it was my birthday week, a lot of my free time was spent with family and friends. I love these people.

People > Things

my very best friends. what would I do without these people?!

All of that to say that a few of my smaller deadlines with my goal of finishing sorting got pushed back a little. *However*, today was my day off and guess what, people.. I CAUGHT UP. I don’t know how I managed to have the will power, but I did. I did both of the projects that I planned to do last week and never got to. I didn’t, however, do laundry. I guess that waits for tomorrow. Oh well.

The point is, people > things. And ‘things’ includes this blog, housecleaning, and special projects. Sometimes you just have to spend time with your people. And I am so glad to have the people I have.

Soon, I will give you a bit more of an update with my goal and the process I’m using to get there, but I will leave you with this for tonight: clean the top of your fridge. You just might find a forgotten visa gift card that’s been collecting dust for 10 months, and you just might be able to buy yourselves a nice pizza dinner. 😉


This post is part of the series 31(ish) Days of Getting My Crap Together! Check it out, because if you do I’ll be pressured to write more often! 😉

31 Days!


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